Frequently Asked Questions


Why use a downsizing company?

Many clients turn to Stress Free Solutions (SFS) for assistance with downsizing because they realize garage sales are time consuming and exhausting. Selling items online poses safety risks in relying on strangers coming to theirs or their loved ones home to purchase items.  

By partnering with SFS, our team will provide logistical support to help you through this emotional and physically draining process. Our crew members will help you sort and pack (room-by-room/item-by-item) and remove unwanted items for auction/donation/disposal in a timely and sensitive manner.

When should I call to start the process? 

ASAP! The sooner we get started sorting things and taking them where they need to go, the better.


Do you perform the actual physical labor? 

You can rest easy knowing that our team of professionally-trained and trusted members will be the only people handling your valued possessions. Most move managers will outsource the task of the physical labor to a moving company. We provide peace of mind by working with you side by side throughout the entire process. 


I am not moving, but I really need my home/garage decluttered. Do you do that?

Yes! Everyone’s situation is a little different. You may want more space because your loved one is now in a wheelchair and can not push through the hallways. Or a hospital bed needs to go in the home and there is nowhere for that to go. You may also realize you haven’t parked in your garage in 3 years and would really like to. We can help!


What does a "Move Manager" do?

The Move Manager guides you through the entire process helping you with all aspects of your move.  During the planning process, your move manager can measure rooms and furniture and utilize floor plans to ensure that your items will fit in your new home safely and functionally. They will oversee all aspects of your move, from the sorting and downsizing to the crew that will be moving your belongings. You can rest assured that a trained and experienced Move Manager will be your trusted point of contact from the start until you are settled in your new home.


How do you determine where items go?

Stress Free Solutions goes through multiple steps to find “homes” for the items you do not wish to keep.  We strive to send as many sellable items to auction first and will tag your furniture/boxes with your client code and destination: “Auction” or “Donation.” This sorting process is based on the products we know auction or donation vendors will or will not accept. 

We will always work through our network of auction/donation/consignment partners to take your items.  But the process is time consuming and continually changing based on the marketplace. Our auction partners review each truck item by item - box by box - to determine whether or not they will take it. Items rejected by our auction partners are then taken to donation sources, who also review each item and box to see what they will or will not accept. If items are rejected by our donation partners, then they are disposed of. If an item is damaged or unsanitary, it will be marked for disposal.


Why would Auction or Donation reject my items?

There is a large volume of furniture/household items flooding the auction/donation market and a significant lack of buyers for certain items based on economic and generational factors. These vendors are becoming more particular in what they will take, because they are over-saturated and sales are diminishing. We realize this is difficult to hear since your furniture and/or items cost a significant amount of money when they were purchased.

How does auction pricing work? Can I set a minimum price for the items I want sold?

Our auction vendors set their own sales schedules and pricing. Stress Free Solutions cannot suggest or guarantee auction price parameters, nor guarantee any pricing or sale of each client’s items. Auctions are unpredictable and subject to an undetermined number of attendees at each sale.

How much will I earn for the sale of my items?

Clients are entitled to 70% of the proceeds from each item sold. Revenue from auction items is received by Stress Free Solutions (SFS) throughout each month and processed accordingly. Client commission checks from SFS are sent out the first week of each month. The auction process may take up to 90 days (or more) for completion. All client accounts with SFS must be in good standing for clients to receive commission checks.