Selling - Yard sales are very time consuming and selling online can be stressful. We will deliver items of value to local auction houses and/or our 4,000 sq. ft. consignment warehouse to promote higher returns and peace of mind for our clients.


Next to sorting through your personal property, disposing of excess items can be the most time-consuming and exhausting task you’ll have to deal with. Having a yard sale means taking the time to set up tables, label and price items, deal with hagglers and typically leave you with numerous unsold items following the sale. There's always the option of selling online, but responding to every inquiry is tedious and meeting with complete strangers can even prove to be dangerous at times. Why not let us handle it for you? 

A core aspect of our downsizing and relocation service is helping our clients sell their excess, new and used items in our Frederick, MD warehouse. While we deliver a good portion of saleable items to local auction houses, we also offer to bring our clients’ most unique, collectible and high-quality items back to our warehouse. Items brought back to the warehouse are researched, inventoried, and marketed to promote higher returns for our clients. While the right buyer may not be at the auction on a given day, we’ll do our best to find them!