Selling - Yard sales are very time consuming and selling online can be stressful. We will deliver items to our 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse to process and post via our online auction platform to promote higher returns and peace of mind for our clients.


Next to sorting through your personal property, disposing of excess items can be the most time-consuming and exhausting task you’ll have to deal with. Having a yard sale means taking the time to set up tables, label and price items, deal with hagglers and typically leave you with numerous unsold items following the sale. There's always the option of selling online, but responding to every inquiry is tedious and meeting with complete strangers can even prove to be dangerous at times. Why not let us handle it for you? 

A core aspect of our downsizing and relocation service is helping our clients sell their excess, new and used items in our Frederick, MD warehouse.  Through Hibid, our online web-based auction site, we are able to offer our clients’ most unique, collectible and high-quality items to a wider audience.


How it works? After items are tagged/sorted/packed in the field for auction, they'll be brought back to the warehouse, researched, inventoried, pictured and marketed through social media, email blasts and SEO keywords to promote higher returns for our clients.  

Gone are the days of relying on folks to "just happen" to drive by your yard sale or show up to an on-site auction. The Stress Free Solutions Hibid online auction allows individuals from all over view, access and bid from the comfort of their home.  Auctions are typically launched bi-monthly on Saturday afternoons and run through Thursday evenings, giving more time for the audience to build, as well as items to gain buyer's interest and bids.  Items are picked up the Friday and Saturday following the auction by the "winners".  

Clients are entitled to 60% of the proceeds from each item sold. Revenue from each auction is received by SFS throughout each month and processed accordingly. Client commission checks from SFS are sent out the first week of each month with a report detailing the items sold and amount total. A report of items not sold via the auction (if applicable) will be sent along with a donation slip. Depending on the volume of items being processed in our warehouse and/or the duration of your downsizing project, the auction process may take up to 90 days (or more) for completion. All client accounts with SFS must be in good standing for clients to receive commission checks.